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Two Indian Air Force personnel injured in two explosions at Jammu airport

At least two Indian Air Force personnel were injured in two light explosions at Jammu Airport in the early hours of this morning, the Indian police announced on Sunday.

The Indian newspaper "Hindustan Times" reported that the two explosions occurred within five to six minutes in an area of ​​the Indian Air Force inside the airport, explaining that the incident raised fears in the security circles in India that it may be the first time that drones have been used in an attack. within India.

"The attack on the Indian Air Force post in Jammu is a terrorist attack," Jammu and Kashmir police chief Dilbaj Singh said, while media reports quoted government officials as saying Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was expected to conduct a security review.

It is noteworthy that the police announced this morning that two drones loaded with explosives crashed in the vicinity of the airport at about 1:40 am local time, which led to the fall of the roof of a one-story building in the technical area of ​​the airport operated by the Air Force in the Satwari area, and the second fell behind the building No equipment damage has been reported, but it is suspected that since the explosions occurred in the technical area of ​​the airport, helicopters there may have been the target.

For his part, the Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief said that another explosive device weighing between 5 to 6 kilograms was discovered in an area of ​​Jammu, which prevented a major terrorist attack.