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The Russian Foreign Ministry: We will hand the rapporteurs of the Open Skies Treaty a memorandum on the withdrawal

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov confirmed that his country will hand the rapporteurs of the Open Skies Agreement a memorandum on withdrawal from it in the near future, noting that there will be no delay due to the convening of the Russian-American summit in Geneva.

Ryabkov told "Sputnik" news agency today, Thursday, in response to a question about whether Russia's failure to send the memorandum of withdrawal from the agreement to the rapporteurs of the agreement Canada and Hungary related to the upcoming summit between Presidents Putin and Biden in Geneva: "We will not be late in any way in delivering the memorandum of withdrawal from the agreement. With this treaty, we are bound by Russian laws." He added, "The Russian law related to the withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty enters into force within ten days after its signing and announcement," stressing that after this matter, the question of how to transfer the memorandum to the rapporteurs will be raised.

He stressed that there are no considerations here regarding how the Americans or any of their allies should act.