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The Pyramids delegation leaves Cairo on the way to Casablanca

The delegation of the Pyramids Club team left Cairo International Airport on its way to the city of Casablanca, Morocco, in preparation for facing Raja in the second leg of the African Confederation Cup semi-finals.


Pyramids will be a guest of Moroccan Raja at nine in the evening next Sunday at the Mohammed V compound in the second leg of the continental semi-final, after the first leg between Pyramids and Raja in Cairo ended in a goalless draw at the Air Defense Stadium, provided that the confrontation of Casablanca, which qualifies for the final in Benin, will be resolved. Next July 10th.

The mission left on a private plane provided by the club’s management to the team to save time and effort, and it would arrive in Casablanca at half past seven in the evening, and head directly to the residence hotel in downtown Casablanca.


Pyramids had a final training this morning at the Air Defense Stadium, with the participation of the group selected to travel to Morocco, and witnessed a great mood and optimism among the players to achieve the desired goal and return with the qualification card from Casablanca.