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The President's Health Adviser: Unjustified use of painkillers may have side effects on the body's systems

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, advisor to the President of the Republic for health and preventive affairs, confirmed that the use of painkillers without justification may have side effects on the body's systems.

In a statement to (Extra News) channel, Taj El-Din said that using painkillers without justification or as a proactive step before receiving the vaccine against the Corona virus may have side effects on the kidneys, liver or blood, so we do not recommend the use of any drug without a prescription.

He added that if side effects appeared after receiving the Corona vaccine, such as pain at the injection site, headache or high temperature, in this case, we allow painkillers in a certain dose, explaining that any medicine has side effects and may conflict with other medicines taken by humans or increase their effectiveness.

The World Health Organization had warned against taking painkillers before a dose of Corona to prevent possible side effects, as it may affect the effectiveness of vaccines.