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The Egyptian stock market indexes declined in mid-trading, under the pressure of sales from Egyptians and foreigners

The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices continued their decline in the middle of today's session, Tuesday, mid-week sessions, and the first session of June, under the pressure of sales of Egyptian and foreign dealers, while Arab dealings tended to buy.


The EGX30 index declined by 0.72% to reach the level of 10234 points, the EGX50 index fell by 0.98% to reach the level of 2,171 points, and the EGX30 index of determinant weights decreased by 0.98% to reach the level of 12647 points. The EGX 30 overall return index increased by 0.07% to reach the level of 3988 points.


The index of medium and small companies "EGX 70 is equal weights" decreased by 0.34% to reach the level of 2270 points, and the index of "EGX 100 is equal weights" decreased by 0.58% to reach the level of 3197 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index decreased by 0.51% to reach the level of 2,270 points. 1225 points level.


In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange Administration announced that trading on 20 stocks will be suspended for 10 minutes because they exceeded the 5%, up or down, during the trading session today, Tuesday, and they are; Sharkia National Food Security, Sharm Dreams Tourism Investment, Orascom Financial Holding, Egyptian Building Industry Development (Lift Slab Egypt), Iron and Steel Mines and Quarries, Ismailia National Food Industries (Foodco), Prime Holding for Financial Investments, CI Capital Holding for Financial Investments, DICE Ready-made garments, Arab valves, medical packages, Speed ​​Medical, Beltone Financial Holding, Aluminum Arabia, Ibn Sina Pharma, Eastern National Food Security, Juhayna Food Industries, Alexandria Mills and Bakeries, Egypt Gas, ACROMISR for metal formwork and scaffolding.


The Stock Exchange also announced that it will transfer the trading of Juhayna Food Industries to List (D), starting from the beginning of today's trading session, Tuesday, due to its failure to send the financial statements on December 31, 2020.


In the same context, the transactions of insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during the trading session yesterday, Monday, as the Board of Directors of Cairo Housing and Development Companies, the Egyptian Real Estate Group, sold Arab Rocks for Plastic Industries 500 thousand shares, 1.8 million shares, 418.8 thousand shares, respectively, and sold Beltone Financial Holding Company managed 133.3 thousand shares, and a major shareholder of the same company sold 20 million shares, while the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company-Kima board of directors bought 100 shares, and a group linked to Mansoura Poultry Company bought 59,670 shares.


In a separate context, the Iron and Steel Company for Mines and Quarries announced the approval of the proposed text for the vision and mission of the company, and the establishment of a separate cost center for the semi-industrial experiment project to concentrate the ore in the Bahariya mines with the Ukrainian side in preparation for the start of the trial work on June 2021


Upper Egypt Mills Company announced that the Board of Directors approved the financial position during the period from July 1, 2020 until March 31, 2021, and the company achieved a surplus before tax amounting to 110.1 million pounds and a surplus after tax of 85 million pounds.