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Study: Vitamin D deficiency puts you at risk for opioid addiction and low endorphins

 A study led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States of America revealed that a lack of vitamin D in your body increases the risk of addiction to opioids, as vitamin D deficiency leads to increased cravings for opioids, which may increase the risk of dependence and addiction. According to the Medical Express website.

The study indicated that overcoming vitamin D deficiency with drug supplements can play a role in combating the opioid addiction crisis, as it was found that exposure to ultraviolet rays causes the skin to produce endorphins, which are chemically related to morphine, heroin and other opiates, as this hormone acts to activate the brain.

The researchers explained that adjusting the levels of vitamin D inside the body, which occurs through exposure to sunlight, contributes to raising the levels of endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone because it causes a feeling of light euphoria.

The researchers explained that exposure to ultraviolet rays is necessary to produce vitamin D, which our bodies cannot synthesize on its own, as vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for building bones, and when its levels decline, this leads to rickets in children, and its deficiency may also make the body more sensitive. The effects of opioids, which may contribute to an increased risk of addiction in some.

The study focused on analyzing the relationship between vitamin D signaling in the body and UV-seeking and opioid-seeking behaviors.

The researchers found that modifying vitamin D levels alters multiple addiction behaviors for each of the opioids, as it was found that patients with low levels of vitamin D were 50 percent more likely than others with normal levels to use opioids, while Patients suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency were 90% more likely to become addicted to these substances.