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Spain participates in the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair

The Embassy of Spain in Cairo announced its participation in the fifty-second session of the Cairo International Book Fair, which will be held from June 30 to July 15 at the Egypt International Exhibition and Conference Center in New Cairo.


Spain participates in this important cultural event, which enjoys a great spread in Egypt and the Arab countries in order to emphasize the essential role that the Spanish language and culture play in the world, and affirms its desire to strengthen relations with Egyptian and Arab publishing houses, given the leading role that Egypt enjoys in the field of Books in the Arab world, in addition to its position as a center for translation into Arabic and publishing books in foreign languages.


The Spanish ambassador to Egypt, Ramon Gil Casares, will attend the opening of this year’s book fair, and the delivery of two books to the Egyptian authorities that express Egyptian-Spanish cultural cooperation, namely: the first Spanish-Arabic football dictionary (published by the Cervantes Institute and the Spanish League La Liga) and the second about a catalog An exhibition on the works of the great Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, entitled "Against the Current", which was held at the Arab House Foundation (Madrid and Cordoba).


In addition to the audience participation in the exhibition, Spain contributes to the program of cultural events via the Internet, which will be broadcast throughout the days of the exhibition, and the program will include a meeting with the world-famous Spanish writer Maria Dueñas, which will be moderated by journalist and translator Ahmed Abdellatif, in addition to another talk in which he will be honored. Two prominent figures in the field of Arabic studies are the prominent Spanish Arabist Dr. Pedro Martinez Montapez, and Professor of Folklore and Egyptian Folk Literature, Dr. Ahmed Morsi.


Spain’s participation in this year’s book fair comes after a hiatus that lasted for years, confirming the increasing presence of the Spanish language in Egyptian universities, whether public or private. Teaching the Spanish language enjoys the support of the Cervantes Institute in Cairo and Alexandria, which in turn plays an active role in spreading the Spanish language in Egypt, as well as The growing interest on the part of the Egyptian youth in everything related to Spain and its culture.