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Russia manufactures missiles capable of destroying M1 Abrams tanks

Russia has started manufacturing new generation anti-tank missiles, capable of destroying American M1 Abrams tanks.

And (Russia Today) news channel reported that the effectiveness of the new shells fired from the RPG launcher increases the effectiveness of conventional shells by 30%, which enables them to penetrate armor thicknesses of up to 600 millimeters, while the thickness of the side armor in the copies The modern American main battle tank M1 Abrams has 650 mm.

The sources pointed out that tanks of this type were often exposed to RPG fire in many wars in the Middle East, but the capacity of the missiles used previously was not enough to destroy the tank, which would have allowed its crews to leave the battlefield unharmed, and this will change if Targeting tanks with new missiles.

The Russian state company "Rostec" had announced, earlier, that Russia had started the commercial manufacture of the modernized RPG-7V2 launcher, which uses unconventional methods of destruction and to remove the enemy's manpower from battle.