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Retrieve three antiquities before they were sold in London.. They came out of the country illegally

Ambassador Tarek Adel, Egypt's ambassador to London, received three antiquities from the Pharaonic and Greek eras, before selling them in one of the famous theaters in the British capital, London, and after making sure that they were illegally left the country.


This comes within the framework of Egypt's tireless efforts to restore Egyptian antiquities smuggled abroad and the great interest the Egyptian state and its institutions attach to preserving its heritage and civilizational history, and the role played by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of recovering smuggled Egyptian antiquities, and in continuation of the continuous efforts that It is being carried out by the Egyptian Embassy in London with the theaters and the competent British authorities to retrieve the Egyptian artifacts that were illegally left the country.


The recovery of these artifacts came in direct coordination between the embassy and the British Museum, which communicated with the exhibition house to ensure the completion of the process of delivering the artifacts to Egypt. A model that Egypt hopes to repeat frequently with other theaters in order to preserve our antiquities and prevent the illegal trade in antiquities.


For his part, Shaaban Abdel Gawad, General Supervisor of the Administration of Recovered Antiquities, said that these pieces are a statue made of alabaster, missing a head and feet, dating back to the Greco-Roman era. The second piece is part of a wooden sarcophagus that may date back to the late period, while the last piece is likely to be part of a sarcophagus.


He stressed that the three pieces are not from the holdings of museums and archaeological stores belonging to the Supreme Council of Antiquities, but rather as a result of surreptitious excavation and smuggling from Egypt illegally, and it is scheduled to return to the homeland as soon as possible.