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Recreation, therapeutic sessions and family free time.. What do Al-Ahly players do during the rest period?

Al-Ahly club players took advantage of the vacation they recently obtained, each in their own way, as some players preferred to travel and stay away from the atmosphere of the ball in general, while some emptied their families and others took care of treatment sessions to recover quickly from injury.

Musimani, Al-Ahly's coach, gave the team's players a rest of 6 days after the draw with Egypt Insurance, as part of the Red Genie's preparations for the Esperance match on June 19 in Tunisia in the first leg of the African semi-finals.

Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly club striker, posted a picture of him on Instagram, while he was resting on a beach, away from the atmosphere of the ball and pressure, and at the same time Ahmed Ramadan Beckham appeared with his wife on a private outing.

And both, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, the playmaker of the Red Castle, and Mohamed Hani, preferred to continue their treatment sessions to recover quickly from the injury they sustained after beating Nahdet Berkane with two clean goals and winning the African Super Cup.

While Ramy Rabia exercises in the gym; To maintain his fitness and format matches, after getting a chance with Al-Ahly in the recent period and his brilliance with the red team.

And it was confirmed that Mohamed Hani was absent from the first leg match against Tunisia's Esperance on June 19, in light of the fact that the player's qualifying program did not end 3 weeks ago.

A source inside Al-Ahly revealed that there are attempts to catch Mohamed Hani in the return match against Tunisia’s Esperance, although his chances are small to catch up with the match, in light of his need for some time to recover from the tension in the front muscle, which is the injury he suffered in his team’s match against the Renaissance Berkane in the African Super dripping.

The condition of Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the star of Al-Ahly club, improved during the last hours, after he injured his ankle and was close to returning to group training with Al-Ahly, in preparation for facing the Tunisian Esperance in the semi-finals of the African Champions.