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Real Madrid raises questions with a picture of the French Karim Benzema, shaded in black

The official page of Real Madrid Club raised many questions among its followers from all over the world, after publishing a picture of the player shaded in black, in order to be recognized by his fans accompanied by the phrase "Guess who".

It is noteworthy that the photo, published by the official page of the Royal Club, is of the French player Karim Benzema, the team's striker, who is currently participating with his country in the Euro 2020 championship.

The photo, which was published by the official page of the royal via Instagram, provoked a wave of ridicule by the followers, in addition to many comments that immediately questioned the possibility of the player leaving the royal or receiving new offers during the current summer transfer period.

On the other hand, many English reports have spread recently about the possibility of concluding a reciprocal deal between Real Madrid and Manchester United, by transferring Varane to the ranks of the Red Devils, in return for the royal club getting Paul Pogba.

According to the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo", Real Madrid rejects the hypothesis of the exchange deal with Pogba, and only wants money in order to agree to Varane's departure.

Varane, 28, has a contract with Real Madrid that expires in June 2022