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Palestinian Health: 3 martyrs and a critical injury in Jenin

Today, Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of 3 young men, including a freed prisoner, and the injury of another seriously injured by the Israeli occupation forces' bullets in the city of Jenin.

According to the official Palestinian “Wafa” agency, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and security sources in Jenin clarified that the martyrs are Lieutenant Adham Yasser Tawfiq Aliwi (23 years), Captain Tayseer Mahmoud Othman Issa (33 years), from the Military Intelligence Service, and the freed prisoner Jamil Mahmoud Al-Amouri from In Jenin camp, Muhammad Samer Munizil al-Buzour, 23, from the Intelligence Service was critically wounded, and he was admitted to the operating rooms of Jenin Governmental Hospital. The occupation forces also seized the vehicle of the martyr al-Amouri, whose body was held, and arrested another young man who was accompanying him.

The Director of Military Intelligence in Jenin, Colonel Talib Salahat, told "Wafa" that the two martyrs, Taysir Issa, from the village of Sanur, south of Jenin, and Adham Alawi, from the village of Zawata in the Nablus governorate, were executed while they were working in the night watch. He was taken to a hospital within the 48 lands due to the difficulty of his condition.

A massive march was launched in front of the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital for the martyr Adham Yasser Aliwi, before he was transferred to his hometown in Zawata. An angry march roamed the streets of the city, denouncing the criminal operation of the occupation forces and their undercover units. A comprehensive strike was also announced in the city of Jenin today to mourn the lives of the martyrs. .

 The intelligence service and the Fatah movement mourned the two martyrs, Issa and Aliwi, who were martyred while confronting the Israeli occupation forces that stormed the city.