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NEWSWEEK Poll: Biden's general popularity has declined, despite its relative increase among Republicans

US President Joe Biden's approval rating among Republicans has risen 8 percentage points in the past two months, even though his overall approval ratings have fallen, according to a new poll, Newsweek said.

 The magazine pointed out that the survey conducted by Monmouth University this month showed that Biden's approval rating now stands at 48%, compared to a rejection of 43%, a decline of 6 points since last month.

However, Biden's approval rating among Republican voters has risen from 11% to 19% over the same period, reversing a trend that has seen fewer Democrats and independents approve of the president's performance.

 The results of the poll showed that Biden's popularity among Democrats has fallen to 86%, after it was 95% in the last poll conducted by the same university in April.

 Biden's popularity among independents has fallen to 36%. This is a significant decline from 47% in the previous poll.

 Biden's general popularity in April was 54%, compared to 41% who disagreed with his performance. Nevertheless, the percentage of Republicans who believe that the United States is moving in the right direction has increased over the past two months. In April, 9% of Republicans said the country was heading in the right direction, compared to 17% in the previous poll.

 Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, said Biden's popularity ratings remain in positive territory, but appear to have fallen as uncertainty increases over the implementation of his spending plans.

 Newsweek says that although Biden's big spending plans are still popular, including the Corona rescue plan and his proposals in infrastructure, most respondents in the survey expressed concern that the plans could lead to inflation.