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Newspaper: John McAfee attempted suicide 4 months ago in prison and left a message "Not to my liking"

The Spanish newspaper, "La Bangordia", confirmed that John McAfee, the creator of the anti-virus program that bears his name Macafee, had attempted suicide 4 months ago in prison, but was rescued.

Sources from the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona, ​​Spain, confirmed that McAfee attempted suicide last February in prison, where he warned the person who shared a cell with the technology tycoon, that his partner had cut himself by cutting his hand, which forced the 75-year-old British-American businessman. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

The medical center submitted a report that warned that McAfee should be treated by the prison psychiatrist, who visited him once he was released and entered prison again.

But he said it was not necessary for him to receive regular psychiatric care or activate an anti-suicide protocol, because the limb injuries were superficial, so he said there was no real will to end his life.

A few days later, he was transferred to another cell and, according to Javier Villalba Sánchez, a lawyer in Spain for the McAfee family, officials told him that his transfer was due to the prisoner's "adaptation problems."

"At no time were we notified of a hospital visit following a self-harm incident, which we found to be particularly dangerous in Mr. McAfee's Department of Home Residency," he said.

According to Spanish media, the only possible justification is that the inmate himself personally requested that the events not be passed on to his relatives, and in any case, the judge in charge of the case will analyze both the medical and prison reports.

The newspaper pointed out that last October, McAfee was accused in the United States of evading more than 4 million dollars in taxes, and the case of fraud in cryptocurrencies, and at the time, the businessman claimed that he did not pay taxes for ideological reasons.

In the same month, McAfee was arrested at Barcelona's El Prat airport, when he was trying to travel to Turkey, and was sent to temporary prison. Specifically, the Spanish National Court agreed last Wednesday to extradite him to the North American country.

The Ministry of Justice of the Catalan government indicated that "everything indicates that it may be a death by suicide", however, some Internet users shared a tweet written by the billionaire in June last year in which he asserted that if he was found to have committed suicide, he would not be willing, as he said On Twitter, "I will not commit suicide" and "I am satisfied with everything and I have friends."