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Learn about common summer diseases and ways to prevent them

Exposure to the sun and excessive heat can lead to dehydration, rashes and even heat stroke, and other diseases associated with summer. All of these things can be avoided, but only if appropriate measures are taken throughout the season. Here are some of the most common diseases during the summer, Which you need to beware of and here are some useful tips to do so, according to what was published by the ndtv website.

Common summer diseases and ways to prevent them

1- heat stroke


Heat stroke is an acute form of hyperthermia disease, and it occurs due to the body's excessive absorption of heat, and it is very common during the summer, and heat stroke can lead to an increase in body temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, which leads to frequent nausea, vomiting and headaches, all of these Possible signs of a person suffering from heat stroke, the injured person should be immediately moved to a cool place and excess clothing removed, and efforts should be made to calm the person by spraying cold water or placing him in a basin with cold water.



Dehydration occurs when the fluid output from the body is more than the intake, and it is the most common summer disease because we unknowingly continue to lose a lot of water from the body, either due to excessive sweating, and the most important symptom of dehydration is thirst, which can reach unbearable levels in some Sometimes, severe dehydration can also cause headaches, vomiting, persistent fatigue, and in extreme cases, seizures and diarrhea.

Heat rash


The rash is caused by excessive sweating and blocked sweat glands. It is caused by extreme heat. It is common in people who sweat a lot, and in children whose sweat glands have not yet developed properly. A heat rash can interfere with extreme exhaustion.


foot fungus infection


Foot fungus is another common disease that affects people in the summer. It is caused by perspiration or the accumulation of bacteria on the feet, especially near the toenails, in the summer.