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Kuwait excludes non-Kuwaitis from entering its lands to prevent entry of mutated Corona

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas revealed several scenarios for dealing with the epidemiological situation in the State of Kuwait, while ruling out the imposition of a total ban in the country.

Kuwait has recently witnessed an increase in the rate of corona infections and intensive care admissions due to the Covid 19 virus.

With regard to the option of opening the airport, sources stressed the recommendation to continue preventing entry of non-Kuwaitis until further notice, to avoid entering the mutated Corona.

She indicated that the health authorities are following up on a daily basis and meeting with many international health organizations to monitor all developments in this regard.

The newspaper said that among the scenarios are the return to closing some activities, stressing adherence to health requirements, and preventing gatherings that increase infections, such as events and weddings that require a strict governmental stance from all concerned, in addition to increasing the frequency of vaccination more broadly.

She ruled out resorting to the option of returning the ban, especially with the availability of vaccines and the increase in the number of vaccinators at the present time, revealing that a meeting will be held today, Sunday, for the Corona Supreme Committee, to discuss the most important indicators of the epidemiological situation in the country, which has become volatile.

The newspaper stated that the committee will discuss the possibility of opening children's play shops and closing shopping malls and restaurants at eleven, or the continuation of the situation as it is, and it will submit recommendations to the Council of Ministers on Monday to put the decision in its own hands.