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Johnson exchanges sweets with Morrison after the trade agreement between Britain and Australia

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson published a picture through his official account on Twitter, pictures in which he exchanged sweets and various products with his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison, after announcing a trade agreement between Britain and Australia, and the agreement included removing all customs tariffs on British exports and facilitating travel And work for the British in Australia.

On Tuesday, Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan announced that his country and Britain had reached a trade agreement, after talks between the two prime ministers resulted in the settlement of outstanding issues, and Tehan said - in a statement carried by the European network (Euronews) - that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison met With his British counterpart Boris Johnson in London last night, the two officials reached solutions to the outstanding issues of the free trade agreement in a meeting he described as "positive."

Although details have not yet emerged, official estimates say that the agreement could add 500 million pounds to Britain's economic output in the long term.

Among the terms of the agreement, British cars, Scotch whiskey, biscuits and other food products will be sold cheaper in Australia, boosting industries that employ 3.5 million people in Britain. The value of the trade relationship between the United Kingdom and Australia was 13.9 billion pounds last year and is set to grow Under the agreement, creating opportunities for businesses and producers in every part of the UK.

Johnson described the deal as a new dawn in Britain's relationship with Australia, with both countries agreeing to boost cooperation in security, science and technology and climate change.