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Iraq is investigating the killing and wounding of 10 members of the Peshmerga forces in an armed attack

Today, Saturday, the Security Media Cell in Iraq announced that 5 members of the armed forces in the Peshmerga were killed and 5 others were wounded, as a result of an armed attack on the Peshmerga forces on the way to Mount Matin in Dohuk Governorate.


The cell said - in a statement carried by the Iraqi News Agency - "while we condemn and denounce this attack, we will not allow it to be repeated, and an investigation has been opened into the treacherous incident to find out its circumstances. The Peshmerga forces will remain a national force and a strong support for the armed forces, which are the fortified shield of the homeland against its enemies."


For his part, the spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, announced the opening of an investigation into the attack on the Peshmerga forces in Dohuk Governorate.


"We condemn the cowardly terrorist attack on an Iraqi military unit within the Peshmerga forces on the way to Mount Matin in Dohuk Governorate at the hands of non-Iraqi armed groups," Rasoul said in a statement.


He pointed out that "the security forces opened an investigation into the incident, and every aggressor on the blood and security of Iraqis will receive a fair punishment," reiterating the assertion of extending national sovereignty over all Iraqi lands and preventing any breach, whether internal or external, stressing the constitutional principle not to allow it to be Iraq is a springboard for any attack on its neighbors.