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Hungary snatches an exciting draw against France in Euro 2020

The positive tie between France and Hungary was settled 1-1 in the match that brought them together at the Puskas Arena in the Hungarian capital Budapest, as part of the second round of Group F of the European Nations Cup Euro 2020, which is currently taking place and will continue until the eleventh of next July, with the participation of 24 teams hosted by 11 different cities in one of the matches that will witness a full audience attendance at the stadium.

Hungary advanced with an overtime goal in the first half, with a goal scored by Atilla Viola, and France's star Anwan Griezmann equalized in the 66th minute, raising his score to 7 goals in the history of the Euro.

France leads the standings of Group F temporarily with 4 points until the match between Germany and Portugal ends, and Hungary comes in third place with a point

A state of complacency and recklessness dominated the French players in the first half, after many opportunities were wasted during the first half by Antonio Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema.

The draw placed the Hungarian national team in the "death" group, as it faced the European champion in the first round and today clashed with the World Cup winner in Russia.