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How grief affects the health of your body..Sleep disturbances and loss of appetite are the most prominent

Sadness, joy and anger are all feelings that we experience, and each of them affects our physical and mental health, especially sadness. Some studies and research have proven that sadness has many damages to the health of the body, according to the cruse website. The effect of sadness on health is:

Appetite and Digestion

It is common to lose your appetite and find it difficult to eat, especially in the first days after someone dies, you may feel that it is impossible to swallow and the food may taste strange, some people experience the opposite and find that they eat more than usual, or without thinking, disturbances Gastrointestinal tract is also common, and it can feel like a feeling of constant stress and anxiety.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disturbance is very common after someone dies, you may find that sleeping is impossible and your mind is racing constantly, sometimes people are afraid of sleep, bad dreams and nightmares and sometimes people tell us that they are also afraid of those dreams where the person is still alive, they find the moment to wake up and remember all A very painful day. Some people also find that they need to sleep more than before and struggle to stay awake for the day.

Feeling panicky or short of breath

People often feel very anxious after someone dies. Sometimes this can lead to feelings of panic, shortness of breath or palpitations, and a full-blown panic attack can be a very frightening experience. It can make you feel dizzy, confused, faint, or even sick. There are ways to deal with these extreme reactions and getting support in case of bereavement is a really important option.

Aches and pains

Severe grief causes severe pain and aches in the body, and grief can affect your entire system. It can also reduce your ability to fight off a simple infection.