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Harvard study: Ice cream helps boost immunity

Ice cream is a delicious dessert that is accepted by young and old, but excessive consumption leads to weight gain, and despite that, it has many health benefits as well, and eating it in an average amount may be beneficial to your health and the health of your child as well.

According to a report published on the drhealthbenefits website, the most important health benefits of ice cream are:


1. Rich in Calcium:

Calcium is useful for maintaining bone density, strengthening bones, increasing body energy, preventing osteoporosis, preventing cancer, as well as reducing the risk of high blood pressure, protecting teeth and strengthening gums.

2. Reduces heart risks

Ice cream, which contains chocolate rich in flavonoids, protects the heart arteries from fatigue and reduces the risk of heart disease.

3. Beneficial for eye health

Because it is rich in vitamin A, which is useful for eye health and maintaining vision.

4. Memory improvement

Ice cream contains vitamin B12, which improves memory and the nervous system, as well as improves metabolism in the body.

5. Increase the chances of pregnancy فرص

It can help increase the chances of pregnancy, and according to research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, eating ice cream that contains a fatty percentage regularly contributes to an increase in the possibility of pregnancy.

6. Helps in the formation of bones in fetuses

Many pregnant women are afraid to eat ice cream for fear that the fetus will become too big, even though ice cream contains more nutrients needed for the fetus's bone development.

7. Overcoming nausea

Some women suffer from nausea, so eating ice cream can help with your nausea.

8. Reducing stress

It contributes to stimulating the formation of the hormone thrombotonin, which can affect mood, causing a sense of calm and relieving stress.

9. Boost immunity

Lactoferrin and the cytokines in ice cream can increase the body's immunity, fight the influenza virus, and help in the recovery process of influenza against various viruses and HIV.

10. Reduce the risk of cancer

Studies have revealed that it reduces the risk of cancer for pre-menopausal women.