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Global Health: The Eastern Mediterranean Region records 10 million cases of Coronavirus

The World Health Organization revealed, in a statement, that the number of Coronavirus infections in the Eastern Mediterranean Region has reached 10.1 million, and 202,121 deaths in 22 countries in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region since the first documented case appeared on January 29, 2020.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, said: "This is an alarming and alarming stage for everyone in our region, for despite all our efforts over the past 16 months, we have not yet been able to control the pandemic, and there are many actions that we must perform," Each of us has a role in reducing infections and death by acting responsibly in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. "

As of May 30, approximately 63% of the total reported Coronavirus cases in the region occurred in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, and about 72% of the total reported deaths occurred in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt and Tunisia.

The fight against the pandemic across the region is a challenge due to the emergence of new mutations of the virus, stress from Corona, and the failure of many to wear a mask, social distancing, and other personal protection measures.

He added that some countries have started allowing travel, and easing travel and social restrictions, and this increases the risk of cases emerging again. And governments should monitor the impact of easing these measures on disease trends, and make the necessary adjustments accordingly, explaining that in parallel with that, many countries are witnessing a delay in vaccination rates, as there are several countries in the region that have vaccinated less than 1% of their population.

He said the World Health Organization is working with these countries and with international partners to ensure more equitable distribution of life-saving vaccines.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari added, "We have very effective tools that can help us end this pandemic, and we are relying on everyone, governments and individuals alike, to continue implementing and observing public health and social measures that are reliable in their effectiveness."

He stressed that within the framework of the efforts exerted to combat the pandemic, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean is working closely with all countries of the Region to monitor the epidemiological situation, enhance surveillance and testing capabilities, deliver medicines and medical supplies, support vaccinations, cooperate with partners for preparedness and response, and dispatch technical support missions. To countries.