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Former Basel coach Vogel: Mohamed Salah is a nice killer, and I did not expect him to be a world star

Former Basel coach Heiko Vogel claimed that Liverpool star Mohamed Salah failed to impress on his first day of training in 2012. Basel gave Salah the opportunity to spend a week of coexistence after he scored two goals for the Egyptian under-23 team in a friendly match against the team Swiss.

And the English newspaper The Sun published Vogel’s statements, saying, “After closely monitoring Salah in the videos before the confrontation, he claimed that the player was so bad that he wondered if he had a twin brother.”

And the former Bayern Munich coach said in a press statement, “I told him, listen, just train as you want, we have already made our decision anyway, then he trained on the first day, everyone watched the session and asked if he had a twin brother.”

Vogel added, “The second day was a little bit better, but it wasn’t good and then the third day came and then it ruined everything, and it was really unstoppable, it was absolutely exceptional he was very agile and very explosive if the ball was in his left foot, he was That's a goal." "After this performance, everyone knew why we wanted to sign him," Vogel explained.

Salah scored 20 goals in 79 games for Basel before joining Chelsea in January 2014.

Vogel admitted that he did not expect Salah to become a world star as he questioned whether he has the right mindset, adding: "If you know him, he is not a world star, he has a nice personality."

The former Basel coach concluded, "It was always clear to me that he was a great player, but if he had the mentality? I didn't know that Salah is a nice killer. I would be lying if I said I predicted such a formidable global career."