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Express: Tens of thousands of Britons have 30 days to secure their residency rights after Brexit

Tens of thousands of Britons living in the European Union have only 30 days to secure their residency rights after Brexit, the British newspaper The Express reported on Tuesday.


The newspaper stated, in a report reported on its website, that UK citizens who immigrated to France, Malta, Luxembourg and Latvia face a deadline of June 30 to ensure that they retain the right to stay, but large numbers of them have not yet applied.


The newspaper pointed out that after the United Kingdom left the European Union last year, the bloc split into two groups, as 14 countries, including Italy, Spain and Portugal, introduced systems that automatically grant residency rights after Brexit to the British who were already living in their countries legally.


The newspaper added that for the remaining 13 countries, they require British citizens to apply to confirm their status to secure their residency.


According to the EU-UK Joint Commission on Citizens' Rights, which was formed under the Brexit deal, around 298,000 Britons live in the thirteen countries where applications are required.


She noted that only 190,000 people submitted these requests, leaving 108,000 people facing a final scramble to ensure they are allowed to remain in the European Union.


Michaela Benson, a professor of public sociology at Lancaster University who specializes in British residents in the European Union, was quoted by the newspaper as saying, "We urgently need more contacts - from the United Kingdom, the European Union and member states - to reach out, especially with vulnerable British citizens who are difficult to reach." To them. "


She added that many are still being encouraged to register, but the penalties for not doing so are less severe or non-existent.