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Dortmund lowers Sancho's sale price to 80 million pounds

Press reports revealed today, Tuesday, that the German club, Borussia Dortmund, reduced the marketing value of its striker Jadon Sancho to 80 million pounds.

And the British newspaper, “The Times”, confirmed that Dortmund reduced the marketing value of its striker Jadon Sancho to 80 million pounds, in addition to 20 million pounds as additional costs.

And according to the British newspaper, the German giant has reduced the asking price for his star, although there are still two years on Sancho’s contract, which several clubs have shown great interest in, such as Liverpool and Manchester United, and the player is also reported to be interested in moving to Spain.

And the German club is preparing to sacrifice its star Sancho to keep promising 20-year-old Erling Haaland at the club.

While Manchester United is seeking to reach an agreement with German Borussia Dortmund in order to obtain its young star Jadon Sancho, during the current summer transfer market, after the return of negotiations between the two clubs in recent days, after their failure last summer due to the dispute over the financial return for the deal.

And the English newspaper “Athletic” reported that Manchester United officials want to settle the Sancho deal for 80 million pounds, but Dortmund officials want to add 20 million bonuses in the contract to sell the player.

The newspaper added that the German club’s management decided to reduce the financial compensation for the young star’s deal during the current Mercato, in light of Sancho’s desire to return to the English Premier League, as it awaits the offer that United will present in the coming days to include the player.