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Despite the sick conditions, Taleen Ahmed Sabry wins the gold in gymnastics under 7 years

Despite the satisfactory conditions that gymnastics champion Taleen Ahmed Sabry was exposed to, before the Republic Championship under 7 years, she participated in the tournament and managed to obtain the gold medal, and the first level in the four skills of a jumping horse, a parallel horse of different heights, a balance beam and ground movements.

Nisreen Hassan, Taleen's mother, said that her daughter fell ill one day before the tournament, which caused him to go to the hospital, and her solutions were suspended. In the four skills of jumping and parallel horse, different height, balance beam and ground movements.


And the mother of the player, Taleen, Ahmed Sabry, thanked Ahmed El-Sayed, the coach of Taleen, as he was her biggest supporter hours before the tournament and gave her confidence in herself when she was tired.