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Canadian Prime Minister to the Muslim community after the terrorist run-over: "You are not alone"

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, supported the Muslim community in Canada after the tragic accident in London, stressing that the citizens of Canada stand by the Muslim community and share their grief and anger over the tragic incident in London.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, sent a message to Muslims through his official account on Twitter, saying: “To those who knew the family who had the accident, to the son who survived, Muslims in London and communities across Canada, to all who feel sad or Anger or Fear: You're not alone. Canadians across the country grieve with you and always stand with you."

Yesterday, the House of Commons (Parliament) in Canada began its session, with the deputies standing for a minute of silence; Mourning the victims of the premeditated truck attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario, last Sunday, which killed four of them.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said - commenting on the incident during a session during which parties made private statements about the attack - "They (the Muslim family) were killed in a brutal, cowardly and shameless act. This killing was no accident. It was a terrorist attack motivated by hatred in the heart of one of our societies." .

He added: "Recently, a lot of Canadians have been enjoying evening walks to get a little fresh air after long days at home during this pandemic. That's what a grandmother, two parents and two kids came out for...but unlike every night, this family is no longer Home".

Earlier, a driver ran over the family of five last Sunday while they were waiting at an intersection in the City of London, as the driver deliberately climbed onto the sidewalk and hit them because of their Islamic faith, officials said.