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British Environment Minister: Masks are optional, starting from next July 19

British Environment Minister George Eustice said he intends to get rid of the laws requiring the wearing of masks once the restrictions imposed on England in the face of the Corona virus are lifted on July 19.


Eustis added, in statements reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph on its website today, Thursday, that wearing masks will become optional when July 19 (the day when all restrictions are scheduled to be lifted), but it may remain advisory in some places.


He explained that the goal of this stage is to abolish the legal obligation to wear masks, and he continued, "The issue of some people choosing to wear a mask or whether it is an advisory matter in some places, this is a separate issue. The goal of this final stage is to abolish the legal obligation."


On whether he will wear a muzzle once restrictions are lifted, Eustis said, "I will not wear a muzzle once I am told it is safe not to wear it, I want to go back to my nature. I think a lot of people will want to get rid of those masks."