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Austrian Integration Minister: We separate religion and groups with a political agenda

Susanna Raab, Minister of Integration in Austria, stressed that her country separates well between Islam as an official faith in the country and the groups that exploit religion for political interests, known as "political Islam."

Raab indicated, in statements to her today, Wednesday, that the government's release of a map of religious associations in the country aims to help Muslims themselves to know who is behind each association and what are its directions and goals? .

The minister added that some religious associations hide those behind them as well as all their activities, which represents the essence of the problem for Austrian society, pointing out that religious discourse should be public and not in private back rooms.

The minister pointed out that Muslims have the right to know the truth about any place they are going to and what are the structures and ideologies behind it.

It is noteworthy that the Austrian government and the Minister of Integration in particular were subjected to sharp criticism from the Arab and Islamic communities in Austria after the launch of an information map on the orientations of about 600 religious associations, and signs were spread in the streets warning against political groups with a religious orientation.