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Aoun: What happened in the past few days in front of the gas stations is unacceptable

Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed that what happened during the past few days in front of the gas stations is unacceptable, and the humiliation of citizens is unacceptable under any consideration, and all concerned should work to prevent the recurrence of these practices, especially since a new schedule for fuel prices was issued, which would ease the crisis. Baabda Palace.

Aoun added that closing the roads in front of the citizens causes great suffering for them in addition to what they suffer as a result of the difficult financial and economic conditions, explaining that the expression of opinion is secured for all, but it should not turn into chaos and riots, and the security authorities should not tolerate in dealing with them in order to preserve the safety of citizens. and general stability.

The Lebanese President directed the need to take measures to correct the situation at the airport, after receiving complaints about difficulties and congestion, especially when conducting PCR checks.

On the other hand, Aoun stressed that pharmaceutical factories in Lebanon must receive appropriate support from the state in order to be able to face the current challenges, especially those that threaten their continuity, especially after the progress they have made in the pharmaceutical and serum industries, and given this vital and strategic sector of pharmaceutical security, importance. which is worth.

President Aoun pointed out that the difficult conditions that Lebanon is going through at present require a redoubling of attention to the national industry in general, and to the Lebanese vaccines and medicines industry in particular, to secure the needs of hospital institutions, health centers and citizens.