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All you want to know about the latest strains of the "lambda variable" corona virus?

The Corona virus continues to threaten millions around the world, in light of the emergence of new mutated variants and versions of the virus that pose a greater danger than the new version that appeared at the end of 2019, as the coronavirus is capable of multiplying millions of times and mutating as a result of changing external conditions.

A report published in the Novosti website revealed new details about the mutated lambda strain that recently appeared in Britain, and we address the most important questions about this strain.

What is the lambda strain that recently appeared in Britain?


The lambda strain joined the list of new variants of the Corona virus, which first appeared in Peru, Chile and Argentina, but spread in Britain recently.

Why did the new lambda strain appear?

The report indicated that this new strain contains many mutations in the virus spike protein, which affect the degree of infection and thus affect the effectiveness of vaccines, as the virus arose as a result of the development of the natural mutation of the virus, which transforms with changing external conditions.

How does lambda strain differ from other variants?

The “lambda” version differs from other strains in that it is more contagious and more able to spread than others, and it also differs in symptoms, targeting people and penetrating the immune system compared to other strains, especially people who have not received vaccines against the Corona virus.


What are the symptoms of the new lambda strain?

The British Public Health Authority has warned that the new variant could cause a more serious infection and one of the most common symptoms of lambda, which includes fever, persistent cough and loss of smell and taste.