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Ahmed Siddiq lays out a plan to bring down Esperance... and confirms: Starting with Afsha is necessary

Ahmed Siddiq, the former Al-Ahly club star, believes that Akram Tawfiq, the midfielder of the red team, is the most suitable player who can compensate for the absence of Mohamed Hani, the back of Ayman Al-Ahly, in the upcoming Esperance match in the African Champions League semi-final return.

A friend said in statements on the “60 Minutes” program via On Sport 2: The absence of Beckham will make it difficult for the right-back in Al-Ahly, but Akram Tawfik can play in this position, as well as Rami Rabia, but Al-Ahly is able to skip the first leg, and I prefer to start with Akram Tawfik in the center. The right-back because he is the most appropriate and does not have a crisis in this position, especially since he has previously played in that position with the Olympic team and with Al-Ahly and has speeds and is good at defense, and the first leg needs a good defensive lock.

He added: I do not prefer to start with Shahat in the right-back position because the match is not easy and will need a defensive plan. The great players with experience have a very influential role on and off the field. Al-Shennawi had a very big role between the halves of the summit match in the final of the century, and Al-Ahly does not depend on things Technical only.

He continued: If Afsha is ready for the match, he should start with him, especially since his injury to the ankle and not a muscle injury needs a long time and caution, and Afsha is one of the most important players, and he is one of the players who does not need a long time to return, and if he is ready even by 80%, I hope to start Meeting.

He concluded: The match between Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji represents the North African derby, and Al-Taraji won the Champions League twice in recent years, and Al-Ahly is the most crowned in the title, and the two teams have preserved some, and the next match is only a first half, and we hope that the team will achieve a positive result that will help us in the return match.