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Ahmed Shoukry: Al-Nahhas has its own way, and I was affected by the frequent change of coaches in Al-Ahly

Ahmed Shoukry, the Arab Contractors player, confirmed that the team needed an international break in order to arrange its cards again.

Ahmed Shoukry said, in televised statements: “The Contractors needed the international break to rearrange his cards again, and Imad Al-Nahhas has his own way on the field, and everyone saw the Contractors team last season and were able to return the team to its normal position.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s period, Shoukry said: I was lucky to play with distinguished elements in Al-Ahly, but I was affected by the frequent change of coaches with the beginning of my appearance in the first team, and Jose, contrary to what is reported about him, is keen to help and support young people.

And about the German Hoffenheim offer, Ahmed Shoukry said: “Al-Ahly was refusing from the beginning, but I pressed and Al-Ahly agreed, but the intervention of the agents spoiled his transfer to the German League with financial matters.”

Ahmed Shoukry added: In the first match for the summit, Hossam Al-Badri, a basic player, participated in the match in the midst of a constellation of stars, and I won the title of best player in the match, and any player in Al-Ahly will win championships with ease.

He continued, "I regret entering into a clash with Hani Ramzy while leading the Olympic team."

And about the chances of the Olympic team in Tokyo, he said: The team has distinguished players and a great technical staff, and the indicators are all promising and are able to achieve something good in the Olympics.