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Ahmed Naji: Al-Hadari will be the coach of the national team soon, even if Ali asks for the children of Hadyula

Ahmed Nagy, the coach of the former goalkeeper and the current Smouha team, revealed his successor in training the goalkeepers. Naji said in statements to the "One Two" program with journalist Saif Zahir: I spoke with Al-Hadari about training, because training is completely different from playing and Issam understands this and I like it very much. We communicate on a daily basis, and Al-Hadari is the most loyal person to Ahmed Naji, which is a large part of my history.

Wasel: Hani Suleiman is of a quality similar to al-Hadari and a surprise to me and the rest of the guards with tolerance, and I see al-Hadari during training, now we also rely on him in building play and counterattacks, and this changed his method and method of consuming time.

He continued: Hani Suleiman entered my interests more than once during my presence in the technical management of the national team, but priority was given to those with expertise in the African participations, and he was subjected to injustice at this point.

He concluded: Mohamed Awad is a very big goalkeeper, but when we compared him with Ikrami, experiences were the decisive element in the inclusion of Sherif Ekrami, and the goalkeeper center is the completely safe center for the team, and the level of training and coaches has increased very much at the level of goalkeeping, and I salute the goalkeeper coaches. The best in Egypt, but the rest of the goalkeepers are all good at the level of the 18 clubs participating in the league.