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Afsha continues his rehabilitation program with exercises in a swimming pool

The star, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the Al-Ahly club's playmaker, shared with his followers and fans pictures of his completion of his rehabilitation program, in which he appeared in a swimming pool while doing some exercises in order to catch up with his team and return from his recent injury to the inner ligament of the ankle.

In the photos he posted on his Instagram account, Afsha seeks to return to the stadiums again, as these were not the first photos he published from his rehabilitation program and were preceded by photos of him eating a shrimp meal.

A state of satisfaction prevails within Al-Ahly’s medical system after the results of the schedule that Muhammad Majdi Afsha underwent, and his results were promising in light of the player’s quick response to treatment, according to the schedule set for each stage in the Afsha rehabilitation program, so that the player would be ready to participate in the Tunisian Esperance match on the 19th This June, the semi-finals of the African Champions League will be held.

Indications to catch up with Afsha and to participate mainly in the Tunisian Esperance match increased, provided that the player is ready to participate and travel with the red team on the travel trip to Tunisia, which is scheduled for one on 14 or 15 June, especially after reports that arrived from the medical staff stating that the player’s condition is progressing reassuringly Very much, especially after the player underwent laser treatment, water exercises and physiotherapy.

Afsha, the 25-year-old's contract with Al-Ahly, extends to 2024, as he is playing his second season with the Red Genie since his departure from Pyramids for one million euros.

Afsha participated so far in 76 matches with Al-Ahly in various competitions, scored 13 goals and made 18 assists, and was crowned with the team with five titles, and Afsha participated in the last 8 meetings with the Egyptian Pharaohs team and scored two goals, and Afsha scored with Al-Ahly this season four goals and made eight others. He is also the player with the most shots on goal in the African Champions League with 22 shots.