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Achraf Hakimi undergoes a medical examination in Paris Saint-Germain next week

Paris Saint-Germain has ended the arrangements for the contract with Moroccan Achraf Hakimi, Inter Milan player, to be a new deal for the team in preparation for next season.

The Paris club settled a contract with Ashraf Hakimi for 70 million euros, to become the third deal for the team this summer, after he succeeded in contracting Wijnaldum and Donnarumma this summer, and Hakimi will be the third deal for the team.

The French "le10sport" website confirmed that Ashraf Hakimi will be in France next week, in order to undergo a medical examination and then sign his contracts with the French team.

The site added that Paris Saint-Germain's desire is to end the deal before July 5, which is the date for the players to return to training in order to prepare for the new season.

Achraf Hakimi, 22, participated in 45 matches with Inter Milan last season in all competitions, scoring 7 goals and making 11 goals.

And press reports revealed that the French club Paris Saint-Germain had settled a contract with Moroccan star Ashraf Hakimi, Inter Milan player, during the summer transfer season, after a competition with Chelsea.

Sky Sports said that Paris Saint-Germain had reached an agreement with Inter Milan to sign Ashraf Hakimi for 70 million euros, for a period of 5 seasons, and that the French club had finalized all the details of personal terms with the Moroccan star.


The network indicated that the English club, Chelsea, stopped its negotiations with Inter to include the player at 60 million euros, refusing to increase the amount offered to Paris Saint-Germain.

And reports had indicated that the Brazilian sporting director, Leonardo, went to the Italian city of Milan to settle the Ashraf Hakimi deal during the coming period.