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Abdel Hamid Hassan: Al-Ahly is the closest to being crowned in Africa, and Bwalya is not suitable for Al-Ahmar

Abdel Hamid Hassan, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed that the red team is the best among the four teams participating in the African Champions League in the existing version, after Al-Ahly’s victory yesterday over Tunisian Esperance in the first leg of the African semi-final with a clean goal.

Abdel Hamid Hassan said, in statements to the “Be On Time” program, that the Esperance match was not easy, the playing atmosphere in Rades is difficult, and what happened before the match, I was sure that it would be a morale boost for the players, and this is what happened, and this match is one of the best matches that Betso managed. Mosimane, but it's still too early to say that Mosimane is like Jose.

Hassan added, as Al-Ahly fans, we always emphasize the importance of Al-Ahly’s performance, but Musimani achieved distinguished results and the Sun Downs match I do not want to see again, we were playing in our half of our stadium, and we want to preserve the identity of the team, the formation yesterday and the recruitment of players was distinguished, except for the descent Bwalya only.

And he continued, "I do not know why Bwalya is so far afraid of playing with Al-Ahly, especially since the coach gives him confidence and his level is very far, and I was pleased with Al-Shennawy's behavior after he directed the media after the match, emphasizing the importance of the return match, stressing that Al-Shennawy is the man of the match because he prevented a dangerous opportunity." It could have completely flipped the match and given Esperance a morale boost.

Regarding Al-Ahly’s chances of winning the title, Abdel Hamid Hassan said, Akram Tawfiq is a very big player, even in the middle of the field, and this generation is one of the best generations that Al-Ahly passed, and Al-Ahly is the strongest at the present time among the four teams participating in the tournament. In his name only, and the match between Kaizer and Wydad yesterday proved the strength of Al-Ahly.

Hassan concluded by saying, "I blame Musimani, because Bwalya gave us an impression of him and I was not convinced that he is a striker for a big team, because he always receives the ball and comes back, unlike Mohamed Sharif, who aspires to always score the goal, and this is Emad Miteb's method."