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A source in Al-Ahly: We have a shock device, and it happened to Eriksen, like Mohamed Abdel Wahab

A source within the Al-Ahly club administration revealed that his club owns an electric shock device for resuscitation of the heart muscle, after it was recently purchased to face any danger facing any player, whether in training or team matches, and the source stressed that the importance of the device lies in facing the situation of non-response of any player exposed to a crisis in Resuscitation of the heart muscle by the team doctor, as in the event that it does not respond, the device is used immediately.

The source confirmed that what happened to Eriksen is the same as what happened to Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the late red team star, who also suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest. The hospital did not proceed as quickly as it happened with Eriksen.

The Danish Football Association issued an official statement regarding the latest developments in the condition of star Christian Eriksen, who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during the match with Finland yesterday evening, Saturday, in the first round of Group B of the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", before he was treated and regained consciousness.

The Danish Football Association said in its statement, "This morning we spoke to Christian Eriksen, who sent his regards to his teammates. His condition is stable, and he remains in hospital for further tests. We would like to thank everyone for the best wishes to Christian Eriksen." The star of Denmark, the world of football shocked, after his sudden fall in the Finland match due to a sudden cardiac arrest.