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A negative tie between Egypt and Algeria in the Arab Youth Championship.. The first half

The events of the first half of the match between Egypt and Algeria ended in a negative tie in the meeting currently being held at Cairo Stadium in the second round of the Arab Championship hosted by Egypt.

Mahmoud Gaber, the coach of the Egyptian national team, born in 2003, started the match between Egypt and Algeria with a formation consisting of:

Goalkeeper: Ahmed Nader El-Sayed

Defense: Abdel Rahman Somaida - Mohamed Abdel Nabi - Khaled Awad - Karim Hassan.

Middle: Tariq Amin - Abdel Rahman Abu Hamda - Ahmed Hawash - Majed Abdel Rahman - Isho

Attack: Ahmed Zaki Sharif.

Egypt occupies first place with 3 points after beating Niger 2-0, then Algeria in second place with the same balance after defeating Mauritania with a goal.

The coach of the Egyptian national team, Mahmoud Jaber, called on the players to win against Algeria in order to officially qualify for the 8th round, especially that the team leads the group with 3 points, with a goal difference from the Algerian team, which also beat Mauritania with a goal without a response, and he was keen to watch a match Algeria to know the strengths and weaknesses, and the players memorizing their roles during the meeting.