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A great absence from the clearing and Mohieddin leads the team's training

Mohamed Azima, the technical director of the clearing team, was absent from leading his team’s training today, Saturday, after the Fayoumi team resumed group training, in preparation for the completion of the Egyptian Premier League competitions, due to the circumstances of the coach’s travel to Germany to spend the vacation with his family there.

The Lebanese Bilal Mohieldin, the general coach of the clearing, led the Fayoumi team's training today, Saturday, and with him the Tunisian Ahmed Bahloul, the plan of the loads, until a great return from Germany to lead the Fayoumi team's training.

Azimah is scheduled to return to lead the clearing exercises at the end of this week, after the vacation he was given and after returning from Germany.

It is expected that the technical staff will determine the program that the clearing team is playing during the period of the league suspension and the friendly matches that the Fayoumi team intends to play in order to prepare its players and raise their physical efficiency before the league matches resume.