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8 months after his death, an Argentine newspaper publishes a video of Maradona dancing and playing ball at a barbecue

Almost 8 months have passed since the departure of the Argentine football star Diego Armando Maradona, and his legacy, legend and love for football is still alive and with the passage of time, a new unknown video appeared and spread on social networks greatly in the past hours.

The Argentine newspaper, Medio Tempo, published the video, in which Maradona appears in good health, and his body was somewhat plump, but he appeared a lot of happiness, and that was at a barbecue party with his close friends in 2016, and they played the font, and told a funny story that happened with Spanish singer "Maloma".

With energy, running and playing, Maradona revealed that Maluma sent him a video but did not recognize it. Laughing, he blamed his partner for the funny situation and later admitted that he had become a fan of his music.

One of the most amazing things about the less than one minute shots is the technique and quality of Maradona's playing with the ball. He saved a very complicated point with his back to court and looking healthy, away from alcohol, drugs or medication where he spent his last days.

Investigations into the case of Maradona's death are now being carried out by the Argentine prosecutor, as 7 of his medical team are accused of simple murder and negligence of a patient like Maradona, especially the neurologist, Lepoldo Luci, and the psychiatrist Agustina Kozakov.