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5 Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the most prominent of which are imbalances

The medical website health line stated that most children diagnosed with ADHD symptoms are still in their teens, and it is considered one of the most prominent characteristics of mental disorders in adolescents, and the most prominent symptoms of ADHD in adolescents are similar to symptoms of ADHD Children also have:

1 Mental confusion.

2 Imbalance of movement.

3 weak focus.

4 hyperactivity.

5 rush a lot.

The report published on the website added that the teenage years are marked by hormonal changes, and with the increase in the demands of school administrations and extracurricular activities, the symptoms of ADHD increase, which raises the problems in the school in the child’s relationship with teachers or with his fellow students, and explained that the most prominent Treatments for these cases lie in a number of elements, most notably:

1 The society surrounding the child cares about him in all his behaviors and behaviors.

2 The intelligence of parents in dealing with the child to overcome all his psychological obstacles.

3 The child's preoccupation with regular exercise to keep away from negative energies.

A recent report stressed the need to pay attention to the child's food during the different school stages, by eating healthy food that contains vitamins necessary for physical and mental growth, which helps the child's stability in his movements and mental abilities, and his ability to deal naturally with others around him.

The published medical report confirmed that the most important foods beneficial to the health of the child are fish because they contain omega-3, in addition to the necessity of eating eggs, dairy, and nuts, all of which contain vitamins useful for the health of the body and mind in children and adolescents alike.