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4 tips to lose weight effectively.. Avoid fast diets

Many seek to have a healthy body and a harmonious shape by following a diet to lose weight to get the ideal body, and there are many different diets, and according to the American Cleveland Clinic on its official website, there are some tips that help when following a diet to lose weight and maintain health .

1. Don't focus on whole foods


Health dietitians point out that it's always best to take an approach that focuses on whole foods, and that means cutting out junk food, sugar and overly processed foods from your diet.

Instead, stick to eating high-quality meals with foods rich in nutrients. For example, think about foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, "Choose high-quality protein, healthy fats, lots of colorful vegetables, and some fruits, nuts, and seeds."

Organizing meals around these foods will help your cells function properly, balance your blood sugar and keep your energy. Nutrition experts believe this will also support detoxification, help fight inflammation and help build a healthy gut.

2. Don't fall prey to fast food diets


Nutrition experts stressed the need to stay away from unreliable diets that promise quick results with a little work, as any weight loss you will achieve will be short-term.

Once the diet is over or you can no longer continue because it's too hard, you'll quickly regain the weight you lost - along with a few extra grams.

3. Follow the Mediterranean Diet and DASH


The average diet improves heart health, brain health and longevity, as it contains plenty of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats (such as olive oil), fatty fish, whole grains and legumes, and a small amount of lean meat and poultry.

Research has consistently supported the benefits of a Mediterranean-style eating pattern, including a 30% reduced risk of heart disease.

Combining plenty of vegetables, fruits, dairy, and low-fat animal products, the DASH diet significantly reduces blood pressure and cholesterol — critical because heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.

According to nutritionists, it is easy to follow these two diets that are whole food and full of plants.

4. Follow the intermittent fasting system


You can add time-restricted eating to any healthy diet or lifestyle plan, and you'll gain additional benefits. Research shows that time-restricted eating can help improve metabolism, promote weight loss, reduce cravings and reduce appetite.

But what is time-restricted eating? It's a type of intermittent fasting. Instead of eating throughout the day, focus on eating in a smaller amount of time. Fasting after dinner helps you avoid snacking in the evening.

It's best to stick to the same eating schedule every day, and it's important to stay well hydrated with zero-calorie drinks like water and tea whenever you're fasting.