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10 sterilization robots inside the Grand Mosque that work from 5-8 hours without human intervention

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque provided 10 robots for sterilization inside the Grand Mosque, as the Technical and Service Affairs Agency worked to support the sterilization system in the Grand Mosque and provided robots to sterilize larger areas and cover the sides of the Grand Mosque.

And the official account of the Presidency of Two Holy Mosques Affairs on Twitter published pictures of the presence of robots in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque, which operates an automated control system programmed on a pre-map, and at 6 levels, which improves the safety of the environmental health atmosphere and intelligently analyzes sterilization requirements, according to usage scenarios, and the sterilization path. , and the independently planned duration of complete coverage of the ecological space.

The Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Epidemiology at the Grand Mosque, Hassan Al-Suwaihri, explained that the robots obtained a patent for the SLAM with a high-performance atomization unit on the early warning feature with audio transmission at the required time, and it has a battery charging feature.

One robot works for (5-8) hours without human intervention, which makes people feel easy to deal with, and the device has a capacity of (23.8) liters, of which two liters are consumed every hour, to eliminate bacteria in an area of ​​(600) square meters each time, The size of the dry fog particles used in the sterilization process ranges from (5-15) micrometers, and one of the advantages is the front detection angle that reaches (192.64) degrees, and the detection range of front obstacles exceeds (10) meters.

 The device carries a camera that contains a high-quality mapping radar. Note that the smart robot device has obtained international certificates, including the European CE Quality Approval Certificate, and the automated sterilization system comes to protect pilgrims and worshipers from the Corona virus and eliminate all epidemics.