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Today ... a medical test will decide the fate of Abdel-Rahman Magdy from the confrontation with Ismaili and Aswan

Abd al-Rahman Magdy, the Ismaili club maker, is subjected to a medical test, today, Thursday, to determine his position on the Aswan confrontation, scheduled for 5 pm tomorrow Friday at the Ismailia Stadium within the twenty-second round matches of the Premier League competition, and Abdel Rahman Magdy was absent from previous Dervish matches due to his severe injury in The front muscle, and the player underwent a rehabilitation with the dervish medical apparatus, who preferred to exclude him from the last National Bank match to give him a longer chance to recover.

Today, Thursday, the Ismaili team concludes its preparations for the confrontation of Aswan, where the Dervishes play their final training at their stadium, then the technical apparatus announces the list of the team that enters a closed camp in the club hotel to spend the night there in preparation for the match in which the yellow team is looking forward to reap the fifth successive victory.

The technical apparatus of the Ismaili club has been studying the Aswan matches to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the southern team before meeting it. The dervish apparatus wants to win the three points to complete the final awakening.

Before Ihab Jalal assumed the technical responsibility of the Ismaili club, the Dervishes played 16 matches in the general league, during which they achieved only one victory, and they retreated to the penultimate position to become the team threatened with relegation. The 13th place, amid great ambitions from the Yellow Castle fans, to finish the league with a suitable position for the dervishes after several difficult seasons.