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The New York Post: Bill Gates told his friends that his marriage was "without love" long before the divorce

The American "New York Post" newspaper revealed that the famous American businessman Bill Gates spoke about his marital struggle in front of a group of his friends.

According to the report, the tech pioneer allegedly told his golf buddies that his marriage to Melinda Gates was "without love" long before their divorce was announced.

A source told the newspaper: "Bell spoke with his close friends on the golf course. I told them a while ago that the marriage was without love, that it had ended some time ago and that they are living separate lives."

A source told Fox Business, however, that describing the marriage as "loveless" was "completely inaccurate from Gates' point of view."

Golf has always been an important part of Gates' life. In fact, he and Melinda got married on a golf course at the Manly Bay Hotel in Hawaii in 1994.

The newspaper said that the news of their divorce came as a surprise to many, and it was said that it was cruel to Melinda, 56, because of her Catholic faith.

A source who has worked with Melinda told the New York Post, "She wants to get an annulment from the Vatican after a civil divorce."

However, another insider said the breakup came "as a surprise" given Bell's relationship with the late financier and sex offender convicted Jeffrey Epstein.

"... any friendship with Epstein would have been a matter of contention for Melinda," the source said. "Melinda wouldn't want to spend any time with Epstein."

In an article on France Info in 2019, it was reported that a former personal servant of Epstein claimed to have seen Bill and Melinda in Epstein's apartment in Paris.

But a source close to Melinda completely denied to the newspaper "New York Post" that she had visited Epstein's house and another source confirmed that they did not stay tonight in any of his properties.