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The medical test determines Hamdy Fathy's position on escorting Al-Ahly to South Africa

Al-Ahly midfielder Hamdy Fathy is undergoing a medical test to determine his position on joining the South African trip tomorrow, Monday, to face the Sun Downs next Saturday in the second leg of the quarter-final of the African Champions League, after he recovered from his injury.

Hamdy Fathi suffered a fracture of the radial bone in the last national team camp and has been absent from his team since that time, as he underwent an operation to place slides in his arm.

Hamdy Fathy is scheduled to accompany Al-Ahly's mission to South Africa, on condition that he be ready to participate in the African Super match against the Moroccan Berkane renaissance on May 28 in Qatar.

Al-Ahly club officials decided to travel from South Africa to Qatar immediately after the end of Al-Ahly's participation in the Sun Downs match, in order to prepare for the Borkan renaissance in the Super African.

Al-Ahly put ahead in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, after it achieved an important victory over Sun Downs with a clean double during the match that brought them together on Saturday evening, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam by going to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League..Al-Ahly double Taher Mohamed Taher and Salah Mohsen scored, and Al-Ahly met with Sun Downs in the return match in South Africa next Saturday.