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The Israeli occupation launched an unprecedented campaign of arrests of 374 Palestinians

The Israeli occupation police launched an unprecedented campaign of arrests in Palestinian towns inside the 1948 territories, affecting 374 Palestinians, against the backdrop of the demonstrations it witnessed, denouncing the ongoing aggression against Palestinian children in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian News Agency reported today, Thursday, that these arrests follow the attacks carried out by groups of settlers under the protection of the Israeli police against Palestinians, especially in the coastal cities (Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Lod, and Ramleh), as well as the attacks on those who were in Tiberias and Bir Seven, Bat Yam, and Hadera.

Night clashes erupted between youths and members of the Israeli police who persisted in suppressing the sit-ins and demonstrations in the Palestinian towns rejecting the attacks of the settlers' herds.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health also revealed that a group of Palestinians had died as a result of inhaling toxic gas as a result of missile strikes from Israeli warplanes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said, according to the Palestinian News Agency, that the bodies of a group of martyrs arrived at the Shifa Medical Complex, and it was found through forensic examination that the direct cause of death was suffocation, with apparent symptoms indicating the possibility of them being exposed to inhalation of toxic gases, and the necessary samples were taken. To complete the relevant checks.