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The European Union commends the Egyptian role in the Gaza ceasefire agreement

The European Union on Friday welcomed a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and pledged to step up efforts for a long-term political solution to resolve the crisis.

The Union’s Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, said in a statement that the bloc "welcomes the declared ceasefire that puts an end to violence in and around Gaza," expressing its "praise of Egypt, the United Nations, the United States and others who played a role in facilitating this."

He added, "We are shocked and feel sorry for the loss of life during the past 11 days. The European Union also affirms that the situation in the Gaza Strip has not been sustainable for a long time. Only a political solution will achieve lasting peace and end the entire Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

Borrell said, "Reorienting the political horizon towards a two-state solution remains of utmost importance, and the European Union is ready to fully support the Israeli and Palestinian authorities in these efforts."

"The European Union renews its commitment to major international partners, including the United States and other partners in the region, as well as the Middle East Quartet, which has been reactivated to this end," he stressed.