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The Egyptian Club: Al-Ahly tried to include the Iraqi and renewed Omar Kamal Mahsum

Tariq Hashem, a member of the Egyptian club’s board of directors, revealed the latest developments in the files for renewing players ’contracts in the club. In statements to the B On Time program, Hashem said: Karim al-Iraqi is the son of the Egyptian club and from the youth sector. For a season and a half, so he will have 3 and a half seasons with us, with a promise to give him the opportunity to become a professional.

He added: Al-Ahly sought to include the player and there was a lap with the agents to obtain the player, and Al-Ahly did not contact us directly. There were mediators to feel the pulse from afar, and there are other clubs that took care of the player.

Wasel: Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid will renew with the team, and the committee is continuing with Ali Maher and Omar Kamal, and the differences are minor and will end and Omar Kamal's contract ends at the end of the season. We did not receive offers to join the player, but it is our son and son Ali Maher and are confident of his renewal of his love for the club.

And about the scenes of the Islam Issa deal, Hashem said: At one point, Al-Ahly asked for Islam Issa through Amir Tawfiq, and we put the points on the letters and agreed, and suddenly the phones turned off, and we did not find a response from the administration, so we closed this file, our relationship with all clubs is respectful, including Al-Ahly.

He added: Al-Masry’s board of directors has now canceled the idea of ​​loaning as evidenced by the fact that we have included players from Zamalek to buy and sell, and Ali Maher’s contract continues with us until the end of the season and there is an intention to renew.

Wasel: There is a great deal of support from the Governor for the team’s stability, and we strive to solve all matters up-to-date, and matters are financially stable and there is no delay for dues except for minor and controlling matters, and we pay the monthly installments up to date.